Knitpro Swift - holds hanks or skeins while you wind your yarn - Handcrafted in Birchwood

A yarn swift is a great invention to hold your hank or skein ready for winding. We've chosen a beautifully made model that should last a life time. This umbrella-style knitpro swift is hand crafted in natural wood. It adjusts easily to take different lengths of hank. Super smooth finish & quick rotation. Folds away for easy storage.
Best used with the matching ball winder that will make neat, easy to use balls quickly and easily. This ball-winder also holds your skeins or hanks for winding freeing you to wind yarn balls by hand. 
Diameter: 48cm (19")
Height: 71cm (28")
Circumference: 152cm (60")
Clamp opening: 4cm (1.5") max.

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