Knitting Needles

We've finally found knitting needles we love! These eco-friendly bamboo needles are light and smooth. The bamboo has been carbonised - a process that both hardens it, allows a super smooth finish and gives the needles a nice tan! They are a pleasure to hold and we think they look nice too. 

We've chosen a relatively short 25cm (8 inches) needle. This is ideal for knitting slippers, scarves, children's clothes and any smaller items.  They're so much easier to transport and use on the go than longer needles. They also make a very nice first needle for a child learning to knit. Available in sizes 2mm to 10mm.

For knitting "in the round" we have double ended needles in sets of four, sizes 2mm to 4.5mm.

Our ladies' Cross-over slipper uses 5.5mm needles, the babies' kits use 4.5mm and the children's Herdy knit kits use 4mm needles. 

*Exact length may vary very slightly from size to size. 

Joe's Toes knitting needle size conversion chart metric U.K.U.S. Canadian


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