U.S. sizes Vibram Soles

Adults' £9.95, children's £7.95, toddlers' £5.95 per pair  

     These are U.S. sizes!  For U.K. sizes please click here!

A genuine Vibram sole, pre-punched just like the felt and leather soles for easy attachment to any slipper. Thin, flexible, very strong and slip resistant. 

If your order includes needles I will supply a metal needle which goes through the rubber more easily (it's grippy stuff!). 

If you're making a pair of our felt slippers you'll also want:

  • 1 pair tops to go over your feet
  • 3 pairs felt soles; one for your insole (the top layer next to your foot), one for your midsole and one next to the Vibram sole
  •  Needle and thread


All slipper parts are in pairs. If you actually want mismatched sizes or colours it's not a problem just drop us a line or call us!

Also available as a ready to cut rectangle for your other projects, it's the last option in the size selection box.

Economical and reliable shipping worldwide via Royal Mail airmail.

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