Welcome to Joe`s Toes!Amanda in Joe's Toes studio

We think you'll love Joe's Toes. Whether you buy for yourself, to give as a gift or purchase ready made, our easy-to-make kits are fun to put together and great to wear. We have slipper kits to suit all ages, from our tiny newborn knit and crochet kits up to a men's size 14 (that's a U.S. ladies' size 16!).



With help from my family I've built Joe's Toes into a go-to brand for wool felt and slipper making items. since the beginning 10 years ago I've had sustainablilty at the forefront of the business.

Our felt is made for us by a family company that has made felt in Western Europe for many year. The felt maker’s raw materials are either recycled or using non-mulesed wool to the RWS standard. https://textileexchange.org/responsible-wool-standard/ 

Our crepe rubber soles are natural and recyclable. Our suede leather is produced in such a way as to minimise water pollution.  Our least-green material is the waterproof vinyl which is an economical choice for patches and soles – I source this from the short roll ends from local upholstery business, saving it from potentially ending in landfill. 

I hand-sew all the slippers myself, but we sell more slippers as kits - these can be shipped flat saving space on ships and planes. Our scrap pieces are re-cut on-site into smaller trims and embellishments. 

We use no glue in our slippers – only simple hand stitching which means that any part that does wear out can easily be recycled and replaced.

A growing number of people are buying our slipper soles to repair and rescue their favourite slippers. Our range of patches are great for repairs of all sorts. 

Our workplace has solar panels and we have just added a battery to be able to make the most of it. The power we buy from grid is on a green tariff (wind and sun). We walk or use an electric car to take our goods to the Post Office.

We are always looking for ways to improve our business and reduce its impact on our world. Please do contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.