Bruna Baby Boots Crochet Kit

Our easy crochet Bruna boots are perfect for little boys and girls. These little baby bootees are quick to crochet in our lovely soft and silky yarn.

The kit contains;

1 pair of felt soles

1 22g ball of chunky slipper yarn


- all in an Organza bag.

The yarn we have chosen for our little Bruna boots is an unusual mix of soft wool over a silky core yarn with a lovely sheen which shines through - the pictures show it better than the words! 

The soles are made from our thick felt with holes ready punched. 

We used a small crochet hook (1.5mm to 3mm) to work the foundation row into the sole and a 4.5 mm hook for the rest of the shoe. These are not included in the kit. 

The finished shoes can be gently washed as wool. 

These little boots are not intended for walking babies as the plain felt could slip on polished surfaces. Latex or other slip-stop could be used to help stop this. We also sell felt soles with latex and suede soles which could easily be added to offer a little more grip.

Yarn 24% wool, 53% nylon, 23% acrylic, Felt soles minimum 90% wool.


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