Welcome to Joe`s Toes!Amanda in Joe's Toes studio

We think you'll love Joe's Toes. Whether you buy for yourself, to give as a gift or purchase ready made, our easy-to-make kits are fun to put together and great to wear. We have slipper kits to suit all ages, from our tiny newborn knit and crochet kits up to a men's size 14 (that's a U.S. ladies' size 16!).


Needles & Thread

You can always use your own yarn to sew our kits - just check it's strong enough to last. Icelandic type Lopi wools just pull apart but many other knitting yarns such as our merino yarn work very well. If you're sewing anything with leather you'll find our waxed polyester thread ideal. A card of thread is enough to complete any of our kits.

Our needles are carefully sized to go through all the stitch holes perfectly. They have a blunt tip which finds the hole easily.. They're also ideal for stitching up your knit or crochet projects.