Vibram Rubber Soles

Genuine Vibram sole, pre-punched just like the felt and leather soles for easy attachment to any slipper. Thin, flexible, very strong and slip resistant. These Vibram rubber slipper bottoms are also great on your hand-knitted socks. These are the most non slip soles we make. 

If your order includes needles I will supply a metal needle which goes through the rubber more easily (it's grippy stuff!). 

If you're making a pair of our felt slippers you'll also want:

  • 1 pair tops to go over your feet
  • 3 pairs felt soles 1 for your insole (the top layer next to your foot), one for your midsole and one next to the Vibram sole
  • Easy sew needle and thread

All slipper parts are in pairs. If you actually want mismatched sizes or colours it's not a problem just drop us a line or call us!

Also available as a ready to cut rectangle for your other projects.

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