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Stella W. has just sent us a photo of her Sam Slippers in Malabrigo Coronilla colour - a lovely autumn shade. She's made the fronts a little longer to suit her taste - and feet. Here's what she said in her lovely 5 star review.

"This kit is a feast for the senses, the yarn comes in one big skein of merino wool (very soft) that took me back to the days of helping mum to roll balls to knit with! The colour I chose was Coronilla, beautiful autumn colours. The instructions were easy to follow. As I have found in the past my feet are wider than long, I opted for a smaller sole and added extra stocking stitch rows (ten) between the decreases on the front section which made for a perfect fit (for me), the pattern is easy to adapt. All in all, Sam Slippers are my favourite Joes Toes yet."

Thank you Stella, we're so pleased you like them! 

Joe's Toes Sam Slippers by Stella in Coronilla yarn

Three photos sent in by Linda from Wisconsin. Fabulous work! We love the yellow chain stitch details. Linda tole us the soles are "just PERFECT".  We have to agree - they really suit this style. 

Linda's amazing slippers with Joe's Toes felt soles 1 Linda's amazing slippers with Joe's Toes felt soles 2Linda's amazing slippers with Joe's Toes felt soles 3 


Stella's spooky halloween slippers made from a Joe's Toes kit.  

Stella from Bedford has added her own trims to a light grey slipper kit. Spooky and cosy! What a combination!


Another super version of our crossover slipper pattern. These were made by Jimenez of Jimiknits using our soles and some of the buttons in her goodie bag. Thank you for sharing these with us!

Penny has just sent us this photo of her AMAZING embroidered slippers.She has added all this lovely embroidered detail to her Joe's Toes kit.  The little bear in the foreground is also all her own work. 

Penny Green made these amazing Joe's Toes slippers and this little bear which is her own design.

What are the chic-est babies in Milan wearing this autumn? Joe's Toes baby slippers!  Barbara from Milan has been busy making for Christmas Fairs and friends. The cream wool is from our little baby kit and the dark one's were made with Barbara's own wool and our felt soles

Lynda from Ascot made these super stripy slippers using our children's soles and her own yarn. A great way to use up small amounts of yarn.


We've just heard we're off to Yarndale AND Woolfest!!! Aren't we lucky. We'll be at stall J227 at Woolfest in June and making our second visit to Yarndale in September.

Bank holiday knitting on Brighton beach. Herdy wool slippers.


These sweet little slippers were sent in to use by Rebecca from Hambridge. They are her own version of our baby slipper kit and she added a pretty pink gingham bow.  By the way if you're adding a bow or button to any baby item please make sure it's attached really securely. It's amazing what babies will chew!



Another pair of super slippers. DIane from Tingley has made these Lancashire Heeler slippers. She wrote

"Loved making my slipper kit.  Added Lancashire Heelers made from a scrap of home made felt left from making a hat.
They are already very much admired and shared on facebook.    Have now put in order for another kit.  Might add sight hounds this time, as along with our heeler we have a greyhound and Lurchers.  Just the thing to wear after a cold winter walk." We can't wait to see the next pair! 
Diane's Lancashire Heeler Slippers

Wow! More gorgeous slippers. This pair hand felted by Lise in Ambleside using our soles and trimmed with our felt hearts. They do look cosy!

Beautiful slippers from Sue in Maine, USA! A definite contender for our next "slipper of the month" . Sue bought our slipper kit and added her own embellishments. 

Impromptu  photo-shoot! The gorgeous Frankie models the latest Joe's Toes crossover slippers.  Creative director is Super-cute cousin Ailsa.  

  Frankie models Joe's Toes      



Here we've edged a couple of our circle and square patches with simple crochet using the holes around the edge as a starting row. 

 Joe's Toes felt square used as a base for this crochet edging Joe's Toes circle patch with crochet edge

This beautiful pair of slippers was made by Margaret Nowak. The decoration matches the beading on her Harris Tweed bedspread which can be seen in the background. Another contender for "slipper of the month"!





Here are Freda's super Owl slippers. She used our kit and our large felt flower as a base for her own owl motif. They've turned out beautifully! Here's what she said about them.  "I received my order from you and was very pleased that it arrived so quickly (from across the pond) and was so nicely packaged. The quality is super and the slippers made up lovely. I can not wait to give them to my daughter at Christmas . I will be ordering more in the new year" - Thanks Freda!















   Here we are at The Hepworth Wakefield - a great little Christmas Market! 

November's Slipper of the Month is by Caroline from Tonbridge. She sent in photos of two pairs of slippers. The winning slipper is our felt kit to which she has added a crochet flower. Sweet and simple!  The second was a super crochet boot using our latexed felt soles to add cushioning a bit of grip.

A Joe's Toes slipper kit by Caroline our Slipper of the month  



Ali R made ourAli R's crossover slipper using Joe's Toes soles Cross-Over slipper in her own yarn. The colours are lovely! Caroline used a layer of felt and a Vibram sole on the bottom. 






















Verity's slippers with Joe's Toes soles

A pair of super-cute little slippers made by Verity, a recent customer, using a pattern from Madmonkey and Joe's Toes soles.  We think the soles blend unobtrusively with the knitting. The effect of a little black shoe and pink socks is really sweet.

Verity slipper socks with Joe's Toes soles











Helen's knitted slippers 















Helen bought a kit at the Kendal Wool Gathering and made these beautifully finished slippers in record quick time! We have step by step instructions.  





Our latest design - a Mary-Jane style for babies and toddlers - knitting pattern coming just as soon as we've finished testing it. We just love working with our new little soles!


These slippers were made by Alison from Bournemouth. I just new when I packed them they'd look great made up. Just a few days later I received these photo. Alison is October's winner of "Slipper of the Month" Congratulations! 


What a lovely time we had at Yarndale - hope we can get a stall again next year! 
Was made by Kirsten from Hartlepool, we just loved the mix of shape and colour. Congratulations Kirsten!  We only wish we could get the picture a bit bigger!


Having fun with the new felt shapes  - One "flower" and two "petals" = one little piggy face.



Show us what you've made! Send a photo and a few details. We'll be putting our favourites here and we've some treats lined up for our winners.

Slipper of the month for April comes from Ashley from Bath. Ashley bought a bag of felt scrap and made this simple knotted trim. We think it goes so well with the bold stitching and colours. Congratulations Ashley!


More slippers! This pair were on the train and all three are now at the Things British shop in St Pancras station.

       I cut a standard slipper top to make this sandal style and added a felt daisy for a fresh spring look

Have you seen our latest little kit? Luggage tags! I've been busy making some especially for the Things British shop in St Pancras station. This little lot are heading south tonight....


Spring is here and we've been making flowers today. We hope to have them for sale on the website very soon! 



We've had some really lovely photos this month. Thank you everyone! 

 This month we've had an email from Katherine in Berwick on Tweed. She says: 


"My lovely felted slippers, purchased in Warsaw 7 years ago, had worn out soles, but the embroidery on the top was still ok, so I "tidied" them up with these new soles that I bought from you.  They now have gorgeous red inner soles, and they are so snug and comfortable.  I am so pleased with them - thank you for your lovely felted soles!" 


She's done a wonderful job on them. It's so nice to be able to breath life into something. Katherine is our Customer of the month and a little treat will be on it's way soon.

Here's how they were before the makeover.


and here's how they look now.




Here's the latest Joe's Toes slipper - very simple, knitted entirely in garter stitch. Just as neat on the inside as it is on the outside! We send instruction out with all orders which include both the wool and the soles



Slipper of the month for March comes from Liz in Brighouse - turns out Liz lives just across the valley from us. She made our kit up and decorated the uppers and insole with needlefelting - a lovely Valentine's day present. I just love the sheep! Congratulation Liz! A little surprise will be on it's way soon.


June in Wakefield made these lovley slippers using Jacob's sheep wool and Joe's Toes suede soles. We had to scan in the prints she kindly sent in the post - these pictures don't do them justice. She also added a nice note! Lovely job! June wins Sole of the Month for March! Congratulations! A little surprise will be on it's way soon.



Another customer who's been busy with Jacob's wool is Margaret who has made these very cosy and beautifully shaped slippers. She's added Joe's Toes suede soles stitched with our linen thread. 


Here's Karen from Bristol's super slippers using Joe's Toes soles and upcycling a Harris Tweed jacket and some funky fur. I believe she has another top secret slipper project underway. 




This week I made these, my stepson is an Air Cadet and loves all things RAF. When he asked for some slippers I made these for him. He likes them! 


Here's January's winner!

The Queen of Fuzzlodia, from Wiltshire has made January's "Slipper of the Month"  from a kit she received for Christmas.



i think you'll agree she's done a fantastic job needle felting her own design onto the slipper fronts. Congratulations!

For March we're going to have "Sole of the Month" . We want to see your projects using Joe's Toes soles - whether one of our kits or your own knit, crochet or felted creation. Please email your photos to before the end of February.


December 2013's Winner

We're happy to announce our latest winner! Congratulations to Donna from Letchworth Garden City. She wins a slipper kit to make a pair for her dad.


Donna not only made herself a pair of slippers, she also made these coasters from our circles and squares. From her picture we can see she's an all-round crafty lady! She even has her own blog. and a handsome and helpful dog called Yaris. Isn't he lovely!


The latest batch from Joe's Toes HQ...

A little needle felted bird on our undyed grey/brown felt.


Some of the slippers delivered to The Emporium at Slaithwaite.




November's winner

...and a first customer picture! A lovely pair of turquoise and red slippers with a butterfly button.

NIK is our first customer of the month! Congratulatons Nik! She has won a selection of our buttons. Could you be our next customer of the month?

To kick off here are a few ideas.


The heart motif was worked using a needle felting technique. I've discovered my felt is particularly suitable for needle felting - it's not too dense but it is strong and keeps its shape. 


The red slipper was worked in blanket stitch and the blue and red one in back stitch. 


Joe's Toes felt shapes.  These can be used for all sorts of projects. 


A little crochet pot using a felt circle as a base.


We've found at least 12 different ways to embroider the punch pattern on these squares. A lovely sewing project for small hands!

Some people try searching for Jos Toes but it just doesn't work. It's Joe with an "e".


A couple of Joe's Toes pioneers, Joe and grandma back in the summer of 2013. And here's Joe's mum "cooking" slippers on Lesley's fabulous 1940's cooker.